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The Christian Chronicle recently wrote an article on me that highlights my background, faith, and music.

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Gordon recently performed at the PACE Center in Parker Colorado on September 15, 2019.

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Beethoven’s Concerto No. 4 Second Movement in G Major: The piano speaks for Beethoven, while the orchestra pierces through to remind of the brevity and tragedies of life.

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What is Music and Message?

I just love classical music. And maybe, with a little input or explanation, I can wish that it could be somehow made a little more accessible to everyone.Long ago a friend who was an art major gave me a private tutoring of sorts when a prestigious art collection came through my college town –and it opened up the world of fine art to me. Now, I’ll drop everything and pay any ticket entry fee to view an original Van Gogh painting –all because someone who knew some of the keys to unlocking this art medium shared with me some insights. [Like, with a Van Gogh you start up close and personal, noticing specific strokes, then gradually step back until the painting is in full view. Who knew? Now I know!]

With I will share classical piano performances, and connected with these performances is a message that explains the music from my viewpoint and/or the view of the composer. And in some cases there is a rather personal or spiritual experience that connects me to the performance. Some compositions have patterns, that once revealed before or after listening, can provide access to the musical theme.

Also on is a messages only section. These are short lessons that are shared from a biblical perspective. As with music, I think that a little explanation can open up a deeper understanding of biblical stories, verses and narratives. I think the Bible is both deep (and worth pondering to try to get what is God trying to say to you or me here), and in many places is just amazingly simple –and profound! This section of the website will be lessons shared with others, including something I want to leave as a legacy for my children and grandchildren. You are welcome to take a look or a listen…

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I am open to sharing more about my story and I am eager to perform for additional audiences across the U.S.