Bible’s Greatest Hits

On October 6th, 2019, I began a new course at Littleton Church of Christ titled Bible’s Greatest Hits. This is a series in which I dive into famous verses in the Bible that are familiar to many. Examples are “The Lord’s Prayer” and “The Prodigal Son”. You are welcome to give each a listen.

October 6th

Beatitudes Part 1

October 13th

Beatitudes Part 2

October 20th

Works Of Flesh, Fruit Of The Spirit

October 27th

Suffering Savior, Isaiah Chapter 53

November 3rd

The Love Chapter 1 Corinthians 13

November 17th

Lord’s Prayer

November 24th

Lord’s Prayer, Part 2

December 8th

Jesus and Peter Walk On Water

December 15th

The Prodigal Son